About Stuart Landon & The Angels With Dirty Faces

“One of the most professional, versatile and distinctive artists in country music.”

With his unique vocal tone, exceptional songwriting ability and musicianship, Stuart Landon is one of the most professional, versatile and distinctive artists in country music. As a solo performer, Stuart is both captivating, entertaining and an artist who continually leaves his audience wanting to hear more. For live band performances, Stuart performs with his trusted band ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’ to create a dynamic, energetic and rocking show which continues to go down a storm at festivals, events and gigs alike. The versatility on offer is unique to the music scene as Stuart can perform Solo, as a Duo or as a full band which provides the flexibility to bookers and ensures every opportunity and event is perfectly catered for. As a band, Angels With Dirty Faces released their debut single ‘Shatter Like Glass’ in October 2016 which saw them go straight into the iTunes country chart at number 4 competing with The Shires, Ward Thomas and the CMA 50th Anniversary song. They then went on to be awarded Semi Finalist for the same song in the UK Songwriting Competition 2017. They also achieved a nomination for ‘UK Country Group of the Year’ in the 2017 UK Country Radio Awards. This Autumn will see Stuart release his debut single as a solo artist and his EP will follow shortly after. He continues to be in demand for songwriter shows and gigs and has a very busy summer building his artist profile playing to mainstream audiences at festivals and events all whilst staying true to his country roots and honest lyrics.
Stuart Landon
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